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SIMetrix is the easy-to-use professional tool for analog circuit design used byelectronics engineers around the world. It's fast, accurate and has reliable convergence. SIMetrix is designed by engineers for engineers.
SIMetrix Simulator
The SIMetrix simulator specialises in advanced analog electronics simulation.
Fast Analog Simulation

The SIMetrix simulator provides:

Analyse production yields with Monte Carlo analysis:

● Fast calculation

● Multi-core extendable

● Flexible tolerance specification

● User defined distribution functions

● Histogram display

Monte Carlo Analysis
Device types available includes:

Device Types
● Fast analog simulationFast analog simulation ● Converges on difficult circuits ● KLU matrix solver ● Multi-step analysis ● Transient, AC, DC and Noise analysis ● Real-time noise ● Gate level digital
● Standard SPICE devices ● Laplace transform device ● Soft Recovery Diode ● Non-linear magnetics ● Aribtrary Source ● Verilog-A ● Transistors for IC design (BSIM4, PSP...) ● S-Parameter AC Lookup Table
The SIMPLIS simulator enables engineers to simulate switching power electronics systems.Available within the full SIMetrix development environment as SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, it combines accuracy and speed enabling 10-50x faster simulation than SPICE for power supply designs.
SIMPLIS Simulator
The SIMPLIS simulator specialises in switching power simulation.
Fast Switching Power Simulation
The SIMPLIS simulator provides:
Superior method to SPICE AC analysis:
Small Signal AC Analysis
Automatically converts SPICE models for:
SPICE Model Conversion
● Transient analysis 10-50x faster than SPICE ● Periodic operating point (POP) analysis ● Advanced Digital Simulation Library
● Operates on the full switching model ● Fast closed-loop analysis ● No averaged model required
● Power MOSFETs ● IGBTs ● Diodes and Zener diodes ● Bipolar transistors
Schematic Editor
● Simple component and wire placement
● Interactive part selector
● Annotation objects
●Intelligent point-to-point wiring
● Hierarchical designs
● Clear and accurate plotting of simulation data
● Easy to take measurement readings
Waveform Viewer
● Window layout customisation
● Syntax highlighted SIMetrix script and Verilog editors
● Command shell direct access to scripting system
SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Development Environment
SIMetrix/SIMPLIS uses the same fully featured development environment found in SIMetrix, for designing and testing circuits. It has a built in schematic editor, symbol editor,waveform viewer and text editors for SIMetrix scripts and Verilog code, along withmany visual tools for aiding you in designing and testing.




Technical Support

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