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E3.Functional Design

E3.schematic is the base module in the E3.series portfolio and provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for creating and documenting electrical control schematics. Schematic creation

Multi-language GUI

Multiple drawing standards (e.g. IEC, DIN, ANSI, GOST)

Multiple sheet formats (e.g. DIN and Ladder)

Automatic text translation

Comprehensive search mechanisms

Context-sensitive online help

256 display levels

Supports STEP, DXF/DWG, SVG and PDF pixel graphics

Bidirectional API (COM/DCOM standard)

Integrated component database editor

Online terminal reports

PLC import/export of I/O data

Integrated electrical and fluid schematics

Automatic contact arrangement tracking

Configurable wire numbering

Automatic and parallel connections

Online design rule checking

Variant and option support

Online cross-references for connections and devices

Configurable hyperlinks


E3.cable is an integrated design solution for interconnecting devices and designing cables and harnesses. E3.cable contains all the functionality of E3.schematic.

Create block diagrams

Automatic mating connectors

Automatic connector pin terminals, cavity seals and cross-section checks

Inline connectors and splicing

Shielded, twisted pairs and cable bundles

Table-driven wire assignment

Multiple views of cables and connectors

Interface data from PCBs

Predefined functional assemblies

Display special connectors using MIL standard (optional)

Option and variant management

Hierarchical design

System rack design


E3.panel enables full documentation of control panels while the built-in design rule checks prevent errors from entering the manufacturing phase.

Integrated schematic and panel design

Schematic panel navigation

Multiple panel sheets

Shared panel sheets

Automatic snapping placement

Clash detection

Hazard avoidance

2D and 3D design

3D placement in free space

Fluid control panels


E3.formboard is fully integrated with E3.cable. Together they provide a complete solution for designing cable harnesses for manufacture.

Any-scale harness creation

Bundle segment diameters

Wire lengths

Wire segregation

Connection tables

Table-driven connections

Branch rotation

Clips, convolute, heat-shrink

Optimized print functions

Dynamic links to E3.cable


E3.logic can be used as an integrated front-end system for Zuken’s Desktop PCB solution CADSTAR – from schematics up to testing.


E3.topology takes logical designs into the physical world. Topology sheets created at any scale are added to the overall E3.series project. Sheets can represent chassis or plant layouts and installation spaces such as the dashboard or equipment are added to the sheets. The connections between these installation spaces represent harness routes or cable runs. Alternate views of logical devices held in the same project are placed into the relevant installation spaces.

E3.Functional Design

E3.Functional Design is an add-on module to E3.cable that supports the development of the first sketches used to drive the detailed wiring. In the early development phases, block diagrams are created and connected through specified communication channels. Then functional units containing signal properties are placed in dynamic components. After the desired functional units of a dynamic component are correctly assigned, the dynamic component is replaced by a standard component from the library.


Includes all the functionality of E3.viewer(A free-of-charge viewer) along with additional controls for manipulating visibility within the project. Users can turn on and off visible levels. It is also possible to configure the menu and add customer-required reports.


E3.fluid enables fluid engineers to detail and document their hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication schematic designs.


Includes all the functionality of E3.viewer and E3.viewer+ and also allows users to create markup detail within either.e3s or .e3v files. Users can copy circuitry, add graphics and annotate recommended field or production changes for the design team.

Supports all E³.viewer+ functionality

Insert graphics and text

Copy and insert sub-circuits as graphics

Create E³.redliner information for transferring back to the original design


E3.3D Routing Bridge enables companies to integrate their electrical harness design with all major MCAD vendors. Electrical harness details such as connectors, terminals, splices and netlist information are transferred to the MCAD system, where harness engineers route the cables in the mechanical space. The length and structure data for the harness is then fed into E3.series, where the final details are added for manufacturing.

E3.3D Routing Bridge works in conjunction with E3.cable.

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