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E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. E3.Series creates endless possibilities for electrical design, such as Simple and complex variants and option management, integration with MCAD, Multi-user functionality, etc, which speed up the overall design process.

Multi-user functionality

Teams of engineers can work simultaneously on a single project using centrally stored data, with each designer having controlled access to their own work. Changes made in the design are immediately updated across the whole system.

Easy-to-learn system

Windows-based. 12 languages for the setup process and the user interface. You can always learn everything from the HELP.

Design reuse

Design reuse with centrally stored sub-circuits.

Variants and option management

Option management allows systems engineers to graphically visualize each new platform in an intelligent tree structure.

Report output

All reports can be generated by just a mouse click.

All design elements, attributes and changes are immediately reflected from design through to production.

Object-oriented architecture

Online design rule checks

Standard interfaces make it possible to import and export multiple data formats:DXF/DWG、TIFF, GIF, JPGPDFSVGDGN、CGM

VRML. E3.series accepts data from other ECAD systems and is easy to integrate into your existing design environment, with PDM, ERP or 3D M-CAD systems.

     Standard I/O format

Design rule checks help the designer by preventing errors.

Integration with MCAD

E3.series’ open architecture and application programming interface (API) allows flexible integration to customers’ systems across the design and manufacturing cycle.


Links to MCAD applications through E3.3DRoutingBridge allows electrical engineers to integrate harness designs with mechanical design. From-to data, along with connector information, is passed from E3.series to the mechanical engineer to layout the harness in the 3D model of the vehicle.

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