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Magnetic Circuit Design
Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Powerful Script Function
Virtual Prototype Test
Electromechanical System Co-simulation
Magnetic Circuit Design
1、Magnetic Circuit Design

The in-line functionality of software such as open material libraries and diverse organizational forms guarantees the usability and accuracy of the software.In the magnetic circuit design process, only input various motor design data such as stator/rotor lamination, winding type, magnetic steel, materials and working condition parameters, you can get the corresponding performance of the motor quickly. And the embedded functionalities such as open material library, various winding forms ensure the practicality and accuracy of the software. EasiMotor also integrates a winding calculator to easily design the winding arrangement and calculate parameters such as winding coefficient, harmonic component, and magnetomotive force distribution. At the same time, for the electromechanical integrated motors such as permanent magnet brushless DC motors, it is also possible to select the form of the drive circuit and perform performance fast calculation of the motor considering the characteristics of the drive circuit. Using the rapidity of the magnetic circuit method, designers can get a preliminary design scheme quickly.

2、 Field Circuit Coupling Calculation

Rotor structure changes are endless, and the common design methods have poor precision, poor scalability, and only support few types of rotors. EasiMotor adopts a new field circuit coupling algorithm, extracts some required key parameters by static magnetic field. While improving the calculation accuracy, it can also take into account the calculation speed, and has good scalability, and can adapt to all rotor forms with 2D magnetic field symmetrical structure.

3、 Parametric Analysis

Designers can only get a preliminary design scheme by magnetic circuit method, in order to further optimization electromagnetic performance and material cos, designers need to further scan and analyze certain parameters, such as winding turns, winding wire diameter, lamination height and magnetic steel structure parameters, in order to obtain a cost-effective design scheme. EasiMotor supports batch parametric design of core length, stator inner diameter, slot parameters, coil turns, silicon steel sheet and magnetic steel parameters, and gets the best design scheme within the allowed range of design parameters. Also solve the performance parameters, and provides calculation reports in the form of texts and charts.

4、Parametric Optimization Design After the solution is completed, designers need to generate design reports for production guidance and data backup. EasiMotor provides standard results output such as result forms and characteristic curves, and also provides custom report output function, whereby reports can be designed to match the original design documents of the company and used directly for production guidance. The standard design report includes all mechanical and electrical parameters of the motor, such as motor geometry, performance data at rated load, performance data at no load, magnetic density and various characteristic curves.
Electromagnetic Field Analysis

1、Automatic Meshing and Static Magnetic Field Analysis

EasiMotor can finish meshing based on expert knowledge automatically and generates a static magnetic field model that can be solved directly, and support custom modifications to the lamination structure. Users dont need to learn complex finite element electromagnetic field analysis technology to quickly calculate and analyze the static electromagnetic characteristics of the motor, such as air gap magnetic density, magnetic flux leakage coefficient, and inductive flux linkage.

2、 Transient Field and Data Post Processing

EasiMotor can accurately simulate the transient performance of the motor and obtain time-varying curves of various parameters, such as current waveform, torque waveform, back-EMF waveform, etc., which are no longer limited to the extraction of steady-state performance results. The software can also support the display and dynamic playback function of the field map, the field result calculator and the data automatic post-processing function (curve calculation, feature value extraction, etc.), and the user can easily obtain the performance parameters of the motor, such as voltage, current RMS, efficiency, power factor, input power, output power, etc.

EasiMotor supports the import and export of CAD drawings, enables the rapid conversion of “drawings” – “motors”, especially in new product development and application processes, solves various tricky design problems, such as arbitrary magnetic steel structure, arbitrary magnetic isolation design and any lamination shape, etc., in order to ensure development progress and shorten development cycles.

3、Import/Export of Drawings

4、2D Skewed Slots Analysis

When solving a 2D finite element, the cross section in the axial direction is considered to be exactly the same by default. But For the skewed slot motor, the calculation result of this method has a large deviation from the actual situation. EasiMotor provides an analysis function for the skewed slot effect to accurately simulate the actual operating conditions of this motor.

Powerful Script Function

1、Script Library Management

EasiMotor supports JavaScript scripting modeling interface, which can be used to complete modeling, solving and post-processing functions through scripts, which greatly increases the openness of the software. To a large number of repetitive tasks, users can define it as a script file, such as d/q inductance extraction, Id/Iq optimal distribution scheme scanning, etc., and achieve technical customization, tooling and automation, also reduce human error and improve work efficiency. At the same time, EasiMotor provides script library functions to manage and publish scripts, supports encryption and distribution of scripts; increases share ability, reusability and confidentiality to achieve technology accumulation.

2、MAP Testing

The MAP is a new evaluation method of the motor efficiency test, which reflects the motor efficiency distribution under different speeds and torques. With the development of the variable speed motor industry, the MAP is becoming more and more important. It can assist the designers of motors to find energy-saving solutions that are as efficient and low-cost as possible, and improve the overall performance of the system such as auxiliary drive and servo.

3、Vibration Noise Analysis

The vibration noise analysis function is realized in the form of a script file. It can quickly and accurately acquire the radial electromagnetic force spectrum, determine the size and frequency of all spatial force waves, and analyze the magnetic density components (times and types) through data files to clearly ensure the optimization direction and improve the electromagnetism solution. Solve the electromagnetic vibration noise problem of the motor from the root cause.

The thermal module (EasiThermal) is embedded in the software, and seamlessly linked with the magnetic circuit module to facilitate the smooth transfer of geometrical data. The thermal module uses the thermal network method to quickly and accurately simulate the temperature rise of the motor, and obtain the temperature rise data of the motor under different structures and heat dissipation modes, including steady temperature rise, heat flow density and transient temperature rise during starting process.

4、Thermal Analysis

Virtual Prototype Test

1. Automatic Modeling

In the traditional motor design process, after the motor design is completed, the prototype needs to be made, and the completed prototype is used to do start/ load tests. EasiMotor integrates the motor virtual test platform. Users can perform various tests on the actual working conditions of the motor without making a prototype. For different motor types, the virtual test model can be automatically generated by the magnetic circuit method, such as no-load test, load test, locked-rotor test, three-phase short circuit test, etc., so as to accurately predict the performance of the motor and analyze the parameters that are difficult to obtain in the test. For example, Instantaneous electromagnetic torque generated by three-phase sudden short-circuit of permanent magnet generator, transient short-circuit current impact and demagnetization effect on magnetic steel and so on.

2、Embedded Control Algorithm

Considering that some types of motors need to be combined with the controller for operation in practice, for example, PMSM or BLDC need to add controller to form a servo control system or some other motor drive control, EasiMotor provides an external algorithm control module, which provides required control algorithms for general motors, for example, chopper control of BLDC motor, Id=0 field oriented vector control of PMSM, etc.. The users can design the required control algorithm according to the control algorithm template provided by the software.

3、Electromagnetic Parameter Extraction

EasiMotor can automatically generate finite element model by magnetic circuit calculation results, and extract electromagnetic parameters by finite element method, such as super-transient reactance, D-axis reactance, short-circuit ratio, etc. This greatly improves the convenience for our design.

4、Engineering Base Library

The engineering base library mainly includes material library, winding library and slot type library, which is the basis of motor modeling and simulation. The material library provides a large number of core materials, permanent magnet materials, conductive materials, etc., the attribute parameters are abundant and accurate, and at the same time support user-defined materials, users can define their own material library, and provide guarantee for accurate simulation of the motor. The winding library provides a variety of winding forms such as single-layer winding, double-layer winding, DC winding, stacked winding, wave winding, single-phase winding, etc., which can better meet the design requirements of users. The slot type library contains 9 slot types: Semi-open Slot, Open Slot, Peariform Slot, Oblique Flat Slot, Circular Flat Slot, Knife Slot, Convex Slot, Circular Slot and Oblique Peariform Slot. And each size is flexible and variable, enriching the lamination structure of the stator and rotor, and improving the diversity of the electromagnetic scheme.

Electromechanical System Co-simulation

Electromechanical System Co-simulation

To further extend the analysis of motors, controllers and mechanical loads in complex applications fields, such as the simulation analysis of electric vehicle drive systems or servo systems, EasiMotor provides a co-simulation interface with system simulation software and circuit simulation software, such as co-simulation interface with Portunus. The motor centralized parameter model, multi-loop model and finite element co-simulation model can be automatically generated in EasiMotor, and then the multi-physics co-simulation of motor, controller and mechanism can be completed through the electromechanical system co-simulation interface.


      EasiMotor is an easy-to-use and efficient pre-design tool that helps me improve design accuracy in the early stages of motor  design, optimize various motor solutions, reduce design costs, and it becomes an essential tool for design work.



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