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If you want to leave your footprint on the development of China's independent finite element technology,

if you want to help the development of motor and drive control technology,

if you want to use the China Power of your design for electric cars of thousands of households,

We are willing to work with you to realize this dream, and realize rapid improvement in all aspects of technology, management and marketing, and become a technical expert, marketing expert and industry elite.

Why Choose Us? We Can Provide

Why Choose Us? We Can Provide

Choose  us

Great Career Development Space

Customer first, employee second, EASITECH is committed to becoming an industry leader; talents are our valuable resource and wealth. The perfect combination of enterprise development and personal achievement is the pursuit of EASITECH.

More than 80% of the employees are talents with BA and Master Degree, and the technical staffs are mostly compound talents, the internal learning environment is strong. The company organizes or provides multi-channel communication and learning platforms for employees to promote   professional capabilities.

Strong Learning Environment

Enjoy the state-specified pension insurance, basic medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund;

You can see the beautiful Qiantang River at the office.

Market Competitive

Salary System

Comfortable Office Environment

Welfare Security System

Contain annual bonus, salary adjustments,stock ownership incentive,special contribution awards,special rewards, performance rewards, and project bonuses,and so on.




Motor Application Engineer

· Hang Zhou

Marketing Technology Department


Power  Electronics   Engineer

· Hang Zhou
Marketing Technology Department

Power Application   Engineer

· Hang Zhou
Marketing Technology Department

Sales  Engineer


  · Hang Zhou

Sales Department

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Employee Life

Employee life

Mech-electro system consulting
Power design and simulation
Electrical Engineering

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