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Webinars and advanced training
Our team of experts regularly hosts or participates in webinars and offline technical seminars for various product uses and applications each year, including an annual user conference.
Hangzhou EASITECH Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with a free webinar to help you get to know our related products and solutions, as well as the expertise of related industrial applications.Through online communication and communication, you can intuitively understand relevant content without leaving your home, and provide an open communication platform for engineers to achieve the purpose of learning and progress together. The following is a list of training courses for us.     

Training Purpose
You can get it through training
Expert one-on-one counselingGet highly targeted training materialsLive demonstration of new products and modules: Understand the latest technology in the industryGet highly targeted advice and solutions to improve design & development issues in your daily workMake sure you can use the relevant engineering software most efficiently
video introduction

video introduction


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Mech-electro system consulting
Power design and simulation
Electrical Engineering

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