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Electrical Wiring, Control systems and Fluid Engineering Software

E3.series, which is widely used in electronics, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system, is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

Electrical design based on E3.Series

E3.Series built on a central database for all applications. Its flexibility supports the entire design process, from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its object-oriented architecture ensures that all design elements, attributes and changes are immediately reflected from design through to production. With an intelligent parts library and online design rule checks, E3.series also assists the designer by preventing errors and speeding up the overall design process.


Why  E3.Series?                           


Circuit design

Database (IEC standard)

Component driven intelligent parts libraries


Cabling design

Cabinet layout

Hierarchical design

Modular design

Simple and complex variants and option management

Multi-user functionality

Object-oriented architecture

Online design rule checks

Reports automatic generation


We looked for a tool to give an end-to-end design path from schematic capture to physical design. One of the reasons E3.series stood out is its inbuilt electrical intelligence. This will help us reduce rework and add digital prototyping into our engineering design process to satisfy challenging time-to-market and quality demands


                                                                  —— Luigi Baracchino, Electrical Engineering Manager

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