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EasiMotor is the only motor finite element simulation analysis tool with independent intellectual property rights in China. We have been solving the actual needs of the motor factory as our development starting point, and taking the closed loop (design – test – verification – improvement) as a means of continuous improvement. It combines the rapidity of motor magnetic circuit design and the accuracy of finite element analysis, and incorporates optimal mesh technology, motor drive control module and finite element automatic generation function, which can quickly realize optimal design, accurate analysis and virtual prototype test, and can automatically generate test results such as performance MAP.

Currently, EasiMotor supports 20 motor types for rapid design and general finite element analysis; you can get accurate analysis results with simple operation quickly.

A new generation of rapid optimization design and analysis platform for motor

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New Motor Design Process

Various Types of Motor

Main Functional Characteristics
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Magnetic Circuit Design
Electromagnetic Analysis
Virtual Prototype Test
Co-simulation of  Electromechanical System


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