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Are you still troubled and worried about the design and analysis of products in the field of electrical, magnetic, thermal, structural stress and other multi-physics fields?

Various Types of Motor Design

Single-Phase Induction Motor
Squirrel-Cage / Wound-Rotor Three-Phase Induction Motor
Shaded Pole Synchronous Motor/Generator
Direct Current Motor/Generator
Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Doubly-fed Asynchronous Motor/Generator

Electromagnetic Simulation Analysis
Structure Simulation Analysis
Thermal Simulation Analysis
Multi-physics Coupling Simulation Analysis

Various Types of Motor and Electromechanical System Simulation Design

Various Types of Mechatronic System Design

Electric Drive System Design
AC Servo System Design
Step Servo System Design
Small and Medium Wind Power System Design

Various Types of Motor Driver Design

Frequency Converter
Servo Controller
Integrated Motor Controller
Brushless Motor Driver
Synchronous Motor Driver
Electric Vehicle Driver

If you are still troubled by the above questions, please choose us

Make motor design simpler, easier and more efficient


Technical Service Provider vs Software Supplier

We will always appear as a technology service provider rather than only software supplier. Our services are oriented towards solving physical engineering problems, rather than being familiar with software usage. Our ultimate goal is to help customers develop technical team through various ways of cooperation. And improve technical capabilities.

Not Seeking Comprehensiveness, Just Seeking Focus

We don't want to cover everything, but we will focus on the core technical areas of the company for a long time and do in-depth and meticulous research. We always believe that only the focus can be professional.

Technical Practitioner

Our technical means and technical achievements are derived from the accumulation of experience during a large number of engineering projects, which can fully guarantee the effectiveness and feasibility of the technology. We invite customers to participate in the implementation process of the project, share and discuss the solving experience of complex engineering problems with you, and help customers to establish process ideas and effective means of problem analysis.

Open and Flexible Cooperation Mode

The flexible cooperative mode promotes the mutual development between our customers and us. We will adhere to the actual needs of our customers and discuss the most effective and reasonable cooperation mode with our customers to help them achieve their technical and business goals and create economic benefits.

Our Cooperation Model

Technology Consultation

To specific technical problems and work of customers during product design process, EASITECH provides the relevant solutions or technical services, including:

1. Technical Index Optimization
2. Technical Problem Analysis
3. Project Demands Assessment
4. Special/Difficult Working Conditions, Parameter Simulation and Create Report

5. Technical Patent Search
6. Simulation Design Platform and Capacity Building

Commission  Development

product development and design work in one or more stages According to the customer's product development and design requirements, EASITECH undertakes one or more stages of product development and design work, and provides corresponding product design solutions or prototypes to customers.

Cooperative Development

Based on market demand and prospect evaluation, EASITECH cooperates with customers to develop products and promote market. Both sides undertake partial work, complement each other and share benefits.

Technology Transfer

EASITECH provides mature technical solutions or products to customers in the form of implementation license or ownership transfer. Customers can produce and sell corresponding products according to the authorization.

Mech-electro system consulting
Power design and simulation
Electrical Engineering

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